1. New characters. 400 and Lemon.


  2. Anonymously tell me your assumpmtions about me and I’ll confirm or deny them.

  3. First drawing in months. This is 400.

  4. Mount Ngauruhoe

    Hi everyone, it’s been awhile.

    It was my birthday this weekend so I did the Tongariro crossing. Which is an 8 hour hike. My group and I also climbed up to Mount Tongariro’s Summit.

    Here is the legend of the mountains.

    The Legend of Tongariro and Pihanga

    In the days when the world was young, when mountains walked and talked there were four warrior mountains that stood in the heart of Te-Ika-a-Maui.

    Putauaki, Tauhara, Taranaki and Tongariro were always fighting but they had one thing in common – they all loved the gentle maiden mountain Pihanga.  She was so beautiful all the warrior mountains declared their love for her, but she couldn’t choose between them so decided she would marry whoever was the mightiest of the mountains.  The mountains decided they would fight to the last man.

    The mountains locked in battle.  The battle raged for many days and nights.  Putauaki was the first to give up.  The others battled on until Tauhara declared he was withdrawing.  Taranaki and Tongariro fought on.  The battle went on until summoning up his failing strength Tongariro was victorious.

    The defeated mountains departed.  Taranaki said that he would follow the path of the setting sun, and Tauhara and Putauaki decided that they would travel to the sea where they could look towards the dawn.  So they departed.  In those days mountains were required to complete their full journey in one night.

    Taranaki travelled westward and in the morning found himself where the mountain now stands.  Taranaki’s great weight carved a deep channel in the earth and he filled the channel with his tears.  That river is now called the Whanganui River.

    Tauhara and Putauaki journeyed eastward.  Tauhara moved very slowly as he was sad and sore of heart.  As morning was close at hand Putauaki could not wait and decided to go to the sea as quickly as possible.  Putauaki went north and found himself at the northern end of the Kaingaroa Plains.  Tauhara paused many times to look back at Pihanga.  When morning came he was not far from where he started.  He now stands at the north eastern shore of Great Lake Taupo and looks broodingly across at Pihanga and her proud husband.

    Pihanga became the wife of Tongariro and to this day they are together in the land of Ngati Tuwharetoa.  

  5. Tonights warm up doodle.

  6. jemyoshioka:

    I drew a fanart of Robin, a character from my BFF Rachel Royale’s comic Woman King. It is a good comic with amazing art, so if you like those things you should go read it.

    Fanart!!! Thanks Jem!

  7. usedbandaid:

    My witchsona - Witchsona week has been and gone but I still made one anyway. The outfit is inspired by a jump suit I saw and many designs from Issey Miyake.


  8. icosahedrone asked: Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I drew a little fanart for Woman King uwu /post/74675997998/woman-king-is-so-good-and-the-illustrations-are-so I got kind of excited about the update heh

    That is so cool and awesome all at the same time. Thanks so much for making it. *tears*


  9. marauderer asked: I really love Woman King! Nice work.

    Awwwww yay, thank-you :3 


  10. Anonymous asked: It's so great to see another New Zealand artist doing amazing stuff! Please post more videos :D

    I will try! Thanks so much :3 xxx